Genius of Time – Houston We Have A Problem (Original Mix) [DEEP HOUSE]

Genius Of Time – Houston We Have A Problem

Every now and then you can stick on a track and suddenly the whole crowd feels unified, longing to be stuck in this never-ending cassette loop of a party. Whitney Houston was incredible at delivering hits like that. Her 2009 hit Million Dollar Baby gets the renovation it deserves here to keep it in line with such ethos. Released in 2010 on Royal Oak Records, ‘Houston We Have a Problem’ was a mammoth hit within underground circles. Genius of Time’s sagacity of extending original disco rhythms & house vocals in-sync with Deep House synths can only be a product of polymathic virtuosos.

Genius Of Time begin the track using a sample which sounds at first like a broken clock that makes a recurrent tock noise. It’s a grand trick however. Unfurling as an impeccable percussive sequence it invites even those on the peripherals of the party to join the pact. The bongos over the top are cinch, yet convivial. Live plucked bass always slaps, and with intense simpleness, banging densely as it twangs with efficiency. Sounding like a riff straight out of a 1970s rock band title track. Crescendoing into the track, Whitney’s ’Never been in love’ vocal on repeat adds to the warmth needed. The track hits a climax around the 3 minute mark using Whitney’s key climbing ‘Woahs’ as its ice axe to help reach the peak. It sets a compelling point for Genius of Time to work off when they admixture the synths. These are filtered in and out, with zealous focus to sear the ear drum like a laser-engraving jewellery. Just insane.

Doirsburg, who makes up one half of Genius of Time has delivered some of the most Merlian tracks around. The Swede has a penchant for delivering goosebumps both as a DJ and producer. . You can hear this being maintained in ‘Houston We Have Problem’ though it may be a distinct sound to his normal deliveries. The positive energy emanated by the Queen retains its spirit over the course of the tracks’ rapturous 7 minute runtime. Whitney would be proud.

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