Gary’s Gang – Makin’ Music (Dub Mix) [DISCO]

Gary’s Gang – Makin’ Music (Dub Mix)

Imagine driving your Chrysler LeBaron convertible down the palm tree-filled streets of Miami in the late evening of a 1983s summer night. As roller-skating girls giggle in the shadow of the neon lights you tune through the radio stations to come across Gary Gang’s ‘Making Music’. The final piece of the jigsaw completes the picture. The track was released in 1983 by Radar Records, a label responsible for some infectious disco-funk gems such as Toney Lee’s ‘Reach Up‘ (check out the incredible music video) in its short-lived existence. Makin’ Music is a prime example of the fusion between electro and disco that that was experimented on by the of the fringe of dance music back in the early 1980s. The end result is an electrifying voyage filled with reverberating arp bass that Giorgio Moroder would be proud of.

The Dub Version elevates the track’s performance in the club setting. Adding muscle to the original mix, the dub spotlights the laser-focused arpeggio. This gives the cut a timeless edge that stands the test of time. Its no surprise therefore that Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani, the names behind the Brooklyn-based house and nu-disco duo Metro Area featured it in their fabric 43 mix. The jocular drum work is inherited from the forefathers of 1970s disco scene such as Cerrone & Patrick Cowley. The feature of the flute, later immortalised by Frankie Knuckles, is borrowed from a soundtrack of the off-kilter movies that characterised the preceding decade. The contrast between its tranquilizing melody and the track’s robust energy creates a vortex of daze.

The godfather of synth heavy electro-disco Moroder’s influence is undeniable. The extended hypnotic second half of the track, where the leading synth is given an opportunity to entrance the dancer with its phantasm is characteristic of the Italian. Made most popular by his touch on Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love‘, it can also be found on his releases such as 1975 experimental album of electronica ‘Einzelganger’. The overall sense of quirkiness bares resemblance with space-disco cuts such as The Immortals vocoder-heavy ‘The Ultimate Warlord‘ or Klapto’s ‘Mister Game‘. There is no doubt that Dub Version is more accessible however, whether you were driving the LeBaron back in 1983 or listening to a DJs set in 2018.