Galcher Lustwerk – I Neva Seen (Original Mix) [DEEP HOUSE]

Galcher Lustwerk – I Neva Seen

Galcher Lustwerk’s I Neva Seen is a hip-house track with a twist. The track’s deep, with the vocal stirring into the beat like warm milk pours into espresso to form a perfect flat white. Short but strong, punchy and velvety smooth. Whizzing to the upper stratosphere of the underground in 2013 via his ‘100% Lusterwerk’ mixtape of his own originals, I Neva Seen is a true head boppin cut. Like some of Burial’s jams, some tracks are ideal for a walk in an urban environment. This is one.

Silky smooth chords sway in lazily, making the listener feel relaxed. It has an old school feel but feels brightened by the hats and knocks in the background. Field recordings of a wave kicks ensuring the track sounds extra wavy. Galcher’s use of vocals are too dope. Clearly influenced on the leaned out rap style of fellow New Yorker A$AP Rocky, Glacher raps about being blown away by a girls drug habit, across town, midtown and down town. Something ‘I Neva Seen’ before he alludes. A fitting companion for the beat.

Take a look into Lustwerk’s White Material Records and you’ll find a collective that shares an appreciation of house music’s history. Deep House has never really had too many people rapping over it. However, back in 1980s as house and hip hop were still developing their identities as individual genres, you’d discover crossovers like Captain Rapp’s ‘Bad Times‘ or many of the Bad Boy Bill’s cuts. Listening to this track makes you wish rappers did more.