Fosky – Dirty Lies (Original Mix) [DEEP HOUSE]


Like an Aston Martin, sometimes in life you’ll come across something crafted that’s so full of substance you can appreciate why only a few were made. Not seen as a sign of opulence, but wanting to provide something so full bodied you really feel like you’ve got more than than your bucks worth. That’s the feeling I was left with after hearing Dirty Lies way back in 2015 on TiNI & Dana Ruh’s edition of the annual Cocoon Ibiza mix series CD. Needless to say, any connoisseur of Deep House will believe that a higher being does truly exist now that this romper has finally been released.

In the same vain as the Rominimal productions, Dirty Lies is built around thudding, jacked and dubby bass stabs.In the spirit of Lil Duval it makes one want to ‘Hit Em with ya Shoulders’. Carrying more grooves than the Grand Canyon, it’s expertly built to get the dance floor swaying. Drawn out pads are a constant also, rushing swirls sounding you’re like mist high on a mountain. Intense and robust, the sweeping synth pads reverberate providing further elevation.

Fosky seems to have really taken his time with this one, and it’s all the more better for it. It appears as though this track was inspired by the Argentinian environment. It certainly mirrors its mature, drawn out and splendid landscapes.

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