Featured Mix: Azimute at Unusual Suspects Sankeys Ibiza

Azimute at Unusual Suspects Sankeys Ibiza [Serialism Recordings]

Azimute are a formidable production and DJ duo made of London based Swiss Quenum and Brazil born Berlin based Ceasre vs Disorder. Being a huge fan of Quenum since his 2008 track, Vault Elements, I was really excited to see the blow up of Chisti Cons remix of The Secret would put Azimute productions into the minds of music seekers. As Cocoon put on their notes for their monster 2017 release The Secret EP, they’re ‘no stranger to in-the-know techno heads.’ The mix is certainly one for the heads, and seeing the hypnotic sways of the dance floor in this video it is certainly one for the dancer in mind.

Minimal minded at first, with the dope cavernous ghost like stabs at the 12minute mark leaving you feel these guys have a few bangers up their sleeves. After playing their abstract minimal track, Baltazare, the mix picks up after 20 minutes with a Luciano type tribal track, with a loop of bongos, triangles, white noise shrills and off kilt filtered vocal setting up a fun but tense vibe.

You can tell these boys do their crate digging because some of the track IDs were hard to find. The Shlomi Aber remix of DJ Sneaks Special K moves the in your face tribal feel to something less in your faces, but just as vibrant-tribal with it’s simple rumbling bass, salt shakers, knock on a bucket like sounds. The Vader type vocals really make this ‘Special’. This track really gets the hips swaying.

The mid section of this mix really got me with a oh my damn jaw drop – the womps, and cavernous vibes on the 34 minute mark will instantly make one turn the volume up till the amp is bleeding. Added with the South Easter-like temple harps, the clubbers must’ve felt like they were in another reality where a religious sect ruled all. Magical. I’ve watched this mix nigh on 30 times, and seeing the guys switch between each other you can really tell they are in real synergy. Track after track, a completely different sound is relayed to the ears but played with such cohesiveness.


They appear to be masters at reading the crowd – changing the feel at will but keeping an intense energy to the place. Once Makam’s remix of Delano Smith’s Inspiration hit’s you feel the full force of Quenum’s speciality in picking groovy tracks with the whole place surely in awe at the tracks dub bass, and filtered drawn out pads. Romper. Straight after Cesare drops Monoloc’s Trysome – an apocalyptic, terrifying track which makes it appear like the whole place is about to crumple in a heap.

Sankeys Ibiza Best of Electronic Underground Dance Music


Then yet again, we are hit with more epic minimal tribal, with Quenum dropping Romanian Trio Premisku’s ‘bring-out-the-Lara-Croft-in-you’ banger Bucu. With the simple chugging bongos, and gorgeous giving making you feel like you’re out in adventuring the Amazon somewhere. There as real energy in the place at this point. Cesare sees to finishes off the mid section with an epically feel good funk-bomb, Alexis Raphael’s Spinach and Lamb (note the Slum Village sample).

On the 1 hour 12 minute mark, Quenum drops yet another absolute romper –  A cavernous bouncy cut in a Kris Wadsworth like vein, that would’ve made people bounce around the room sick, overdosed on bass. Enough to mess you up for life. The boys finish the mix off on a deep house vibe which seems in order after feeling like you’ve just been taken on a trip as wild as the Dakar Rally – except the driver has no crashes.

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