Evan Baggs – Verticale (Original Mix [ELECTRO]

Evan Baggs – Verticale
It’s well documented in this forum that minimal techno has mutated and twisted off into its different streams. The french Yoyaku crew are the current en vogue trailblazers for the Housier side, as their sounds intertwine with previous minimal techno don Audio Werner. Perlon style remains Perlon style. Rominimal remains Rominimal. Then we come to the more electro /techno/minimal/anything-in-between-obscurity style that have come to dominate Craig Richards sets. Between himself, Nicholas Lutz, Binh and Vera something known as ‘blind diggers’ has become a thing. Purchasing blindly off discography to find the most obscure records. New Yorker Evan Baggs has also been apart of this wave, and his production prowess shows just as much heat as his digging skills. Just check out Verticale – a woozy club banger designed to ratftleth most rigid of bodies.

Released in November 2019 on Francesco Del Garda’s TIMELESS, in a 2 tracker EP with Nathan Jones, ‘Verticle’ is a jittery bomb. Another release of his ‘AZS‘ is a record that carries the same fervor. Whereas the aforementioned track is eerie, ‘Verticle’ is lit with sun. Beginning with a laser like staccato synth, it’s a playful mood that’s brought the table on top of a mid sized sub bass. You’re taken back to the 90s with the trance like bleeps straight from Cosmic Baby’s ‘Space Track‘. As heady as a hard descending rollercoaster. Things don’t take long to though for the oomf to kick it. Harmonising baselines, one of which is stupidly low, then kick-in with a jolt of lightning from the most celestial of realms. This gains further pace, ensuring that mounters on the dance floor will be whistling till kingdom come. Lighting managers in the clubs will have a field day with this one. A cluster of percussions and has keeps things spicy, and then more trippy lasers which sound like an autotuned flute from a Zelda soundtrack. The track finishes off with the bass and flute sounds splaying in and out of each other. Stunning.

The New Yorker’s reputation has shot up in the ranks for his abstract DJing style, always dropping unknowns. Having featured output on DJ Masda’s Cabaret Recordings and Binh’s Time Passages, each Evan Baggs release is well hyped by enthusiasts. Be quite assured that throwing on ‘Verticale’ will hype the dancefloor too.