Doomwork – Independence (Original Mix) [TECH-HOUSE]

Doomwork – Independence

Lots of Tech-House these days have the druggy funk baselines seen on a Hot Creations Release, or a more heady approach by Get Physical. Independence, by Italian duo Doomwork flips the script a bit like a Christopher Nolan movie in the director’s prime. The 2012 Cocoon release has a latin vibe, but a heady vibe making one feel as the title says, Independent.

Crafted for the 8pm timeslot of an outdoor rig in the height of summer, right when things are starting to heat up, in rolls a simple dubbed bassline with swaying Congos and percussion over the top. Added into the melody are two minor key mediterranean sounding melodies, filtered guitar loop Instead of using the bass for the low slung nature, Doomwork drench the rest of the surroundings with a vocal that creeps in with the drawl of Playboi Carti and Future. Added to that incredible druggy warped soundscape with a hint of dread in it, making one feel like the beach they’re on is floating out there in the galaxy somewhere.

The vocal line says ‘Could it be that he want’s you?’. Well if someone was actually asking this, whatever the response may be, the track makes feel so relaxed and in check, the person in response would sure seem to take their time to answer.