DJ Tennis – Monocraft (Your Love Is Alright) [INDIE TECH-HOUSE]

DJ Tennis – Monocraft (Your Love Is Alright)

The A2 on his brilliant debut EP, Make It Good. With Remixes from Larry Heard, Ostgut Ton regular Ryan Elliot and Tale of Us, it was an exercise in Electronic Art, at Picasso Levels. Monocraft (Your Love Is Alright) is a mix of Tech, Deep, Indie and Prog Rock. One thing people can agree about Electronic Music is it can hit every emotion. And having such different genres mixed in hit different parts in one track. Released in 2012 by the Life and Death label co-founder Manfredi Romano, this DJ Tennis cut is a wonderful track completely synonymous with other sombre label cuts.

In this interview with Magnetic Mag, Manfredi mentions ‘I grew up with indie, punk rock, post-punk and hardcore.’ Instantly this is felt within the vocals. Sounding a touch like Caribou or The/Das, it’s bleak and melancholic. It’s hits the crest of the wave at the 4.30min mark with the spine tingling ‘Your Love Is Alright’ motif. Up until this point, there’s been a real buildup. Prog-band bass not too dissimilar to Dubfire’s Deep Dish bubbles underneath. Manfredi’s also said later in the aforementioned Magnetic Magazine, The first artists that got really interested in electronic music were people like Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada. This was my approach to electronic music – brain-dance I would say.’ And boy does his synth work just do that. Horn like chords are played airily. Midway, downtempo strums are played with orchestral strings. It teases the brain before a scattergun single note comes in not too dissimilar to Patrice Baumel’s ‘The Hatchet’. Clearly Tale of Us shows Tennis a thing or two, because the staple laser soundscape of theirs, such as the one in their remix of Who Made ‘Who’s Never Alone’ makes a welcome appearance. A track that sends your brain into a frenzy, it’s great for home listening as much as a Fideles set at Hi Ibiza on a Thursday night.

Listening to his DJ Kicks! compilation, on disc one you can hear Tennis’ love for Ambient, IDM and Indie sounds. Also listening to The Outcast on Kompakt, you can tell he plain enjoys making the brain tickle during the after hour hangs. It would’ve been interesting to hear a Hot Chip or Bob Moses Collaboration. In a Twitter chat with us Tennis mentioned that he’s forever associated with melodic strains of house and techno. His aim in 2018 is to make them cool again.

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