DJ Koze – I Want To Sleep (Original Mix) [MINIMAL]

DJ Koze – I Want To Sleep

I Want to Sleep by DJ Koze was one of 2008’s most rotated tracks (On a similar level to Without You in 2010). Some people think, that DJ Koze makes music that isn’t for the Dancefloor. Clearly they’ve not heard DJ Koze’s XTC, Sbooty, Mrs Bojangles, There Will Be Singing or the banger in question.

The beauty of minimal is that it can use the most random sound, and give it a different purpose to what you originally intended for, in some sense giving it a better purpose. Kind of like buying coke to clean the house. Xylophones are something which would normally be used for an Orchestra or by a kid. This is exactly why Koze would use it – due to his mischievous, playful approach to techno. The way they’re played here is with real intent bringing a strong quiver with it’s stripped latin flare, giving a perfect balance to the bass underpinning it.

On the infamous drawling vocal, spoken in Sundanese, a language spoken in West Java Indonesia a girl is talking about getting tired because of the traffic jam and she wants to sleep. It adds to the dreaminess of the track which Koze has stated is his favourite to play in a club. Chopped bird squawks add to the trippy vibe of the track, and it’s no surprise this banger won RA’s 2008 Track of The Year.

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