Deepchord – Devil Ray (Original Mix) [DUB TECH]

Deepchord – Devil Ray

If you love Dub Techno, you love DeepChord. 2017 saw Deepchord release 2 Solo EPs, an LP and other various collaboration projects of such high quality. It makes you think ‘Can this guy actually slow down?’ here on ‘Devil Ray’, from his Auratones LP you get to feel the full force of Deepchords alchemical touch. Combining his usual Dub Techno, Deep House and Ambient soundscapes. As described by XLR8R in their review of the album,’ Modell’s (Deepchord) great ability is crafting virtual spaces. Auratones floods the listener with blissful electronic oceans of sound, stimulating the imagination.’ The track certainly embodies that statement.

DeepChord once stated ‘I think with my releases there must be some sort visual element expressed within the sound.’ Looking out towards a brooding Canary Wharf on the train heading to work on a wet London morning, with its striking architecture screaming out in the midst whilst listening to Devil Ray, my mind cannot help but agree with this. Your context might be different, but the influence of Astral Industries DJ associate is the same.

Temples & Final Fantasy

Mysticism is the name of the game. The deep pads that start the track off, give you a positive feeling that you’re in an underwater temple within a Final Fantasy game. So close, yet so far to finding your missing Jewel. The chugging bass then comes bundling in, carrying the track forward but allowing the filtered wisps intersect with the pads to take centre stage. It makes you feel like you’re being chased out of that temple, by some sort of demi-god shrouded in clouds. Such aura, shrined with mysticism yet strong essence displays the power of electronic music. At times, the underground sounds can take you by surprise and rattle your inner core. With the track stimulating mores than just the sense of sound, this track is not to be missed. One for the visionary.

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