Decadance – On And On (Fears Keep On) (Italoconnection Mix) [ITALO DISCO]

Decadance – On And On (Fears Keep On) (Italoconnection Mix)

If you study the history of Chicago House scene long enough you’ll find that pioneers such Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles were densely influenced by Italo Disco. The sub genre  swayed the parties of mainland Europe throughout 1980s. A clear crossover can be heard by such and the Chicago scene explosion that followed and conquered the rest of the world.

You’ll find clear similarities, three elements in particular. A thumping kick, topline melodies and often, a resilient bassline that adds resilient drive to the track. What separates Italo from the music of Robert Owens and Larry Heard is the manner of the vocals. Chicago House masters used (at times chopped) vocals to concuct rhythm and a call for a collective dance or spiritual unity. Italo Disco songs, on the other hand, offered romanticism, in the form of emotionally-vulnerable singing. These are songs of love and heartbreak, as shown in ‘On and On’. The vocals would carry a heavy European accent, usually of Italian or German descent. This can of course be retrospectively be interpreted to be corny. However, this is also the genres paramount strength.

In stark contrast to modern techno wave, often deemed as being too macho by some – Italo Disco champions tender romance, heartbreak and vulnerable emotions. Oftern underlined by unpretentious melodies that reverberate the spirit of the lyrics. ‘On and On’ combines the most rudimentary Italo ingredients; a heavy kick, tasty bassline & an Italian male vocalist. You even get a female singer feature as support. This all comes under lush melodies that create an aura of nostalgia.

The sounds are most fitting for the warm summer nights. The millennial generation will never truly experience what it was like to dance to such soundwaves. Tracks like these will be the closest thing we’ll have. A few headlining 2018 DJ artists are luckily bringing back the sounds of the 80s. For example, Bicep try to revive the spirit in their annual Italo Disco nights held at Corsica Studio. You’ll also find Dixon drop a few Italo tracks from time to time in his sets.

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