Dachshund – Somehow (Original Mix) [MINIMAL]

Dachshund – Somehow [Minimal Techno]

Swiss producer Dachshund’s ‘Somehow’ straddles the line between Minimal and Techno in the mould of Radio Slave. Released in 2006 on Lee Van Dowski & Quenum’s label Num Records, it featured on the Floating Jesus EP. Cutting edge throughout, it’s an track that brings four seasons into one – cold, deep, warm & spritely. We first heard this track on a Ministry of Sound Australia Discotek CD, mixed by Mark Dynamix and D. Ramirez. Surrounded by other low-slung sluggers, it carried a hint of ‘dark flair’ not normally seen in Dachshund’s other tracks such as ‘Ready’, ‘Oppressors’ or ‘Give U Luv’ on Vitalik Records. The quality of the sound engineering blew our minds.

Strings reserved for a Hitchcockian thriller like the Norman Bates classic are featured from the start to give an instant sense of excitement that combines with tremor. Surrounding this is a swirl of minimal bleeps bubbling like oil in a deep fat fryer. Coming in from the distance is a cacophony rumbling like a Mac Truck engine, which then twists and flanges before detonating into life. The added weight of the sounds, ushered by the bass, give the track a real ‘Jack’. It’s a heavy affair – one for clubs filled with smoke and strobe lights filling all the spectrums of the low ends of the soundsystem. Field recordings of doors closing & items dropping on the floor come to the frame. Sample of a cold pipe being hit in a damp basement in procession provide the track with a weird metalline field that adds a sense of flair.

Stabbed out tracks like Rabag Wrume’s ‘X-Mop 198‘, Ambivalent’s ‘And‘ or S.V.T.’s ‘Teach You, Pt. 2 (Desire)’ add fuel to the thesis about Electronic music’s fascination with hypnotism. ‘Somehow’ is in the same vein as these, building tension to the room as well sustaining a stasis of elevation.

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