DA Rebels – House Nation Under A Groove [HOUSE]

DA Rebels – House Nation Under A Groove

Jamie Jones & the Hot Creations crew reputation for releasing chunky funky tech house basslines undoubtedly come from production akin to DA Rebels. The DJ duo are Chicago house patron saints, made up of Curtis Alan Jones aka. Cajmere aka Green Velvet and Lidell Townsell. Together they carry a legacy of essential early-house releases that paved the road. You can find quite a few Townsell solo releases on the iconic house label Trax Records, including this acid melter. Jones’ residue is self-evident to those interested in the genre.

Its mind-boggling to think that the track was released all the way back in 1989. Released as part of DA Rebel’s D.I.U. (Deep In Underground) cut, this is unapologetically a house track. Pioneering DJs have made sure this one has been blasted out of the speakers worldwide for over two decades now. In the spirit, I’ve heard Seth Troxler play it in 2014’s Weather Festival and his most recent Time Warp mix. It appears to be his go-to track for maintaining the exultancy. Ironically, the vocals sound closely aligned to what I’d imagine Seth’s singing would sound like. Central to the track is the chorus with the lyrics:

House Nation under a groove,  Getting down just for the housy folk,
House Nation we’re on a move,  Nothing can stop us now.”

Tech-House Vibes

There’s no doubt that Funkadelic’s “A Nation Under A Groove” is a major influence on the above, sung effortlessly by a male singer who sounds like your Average Joe. The strength of the vocals, however, is the regularity of them. There’s no vocal dexterity to them. In fact there’s nothing to imply that the dude can actually sing. Yet at the same time it is so infectious that you’ll soon find yourself singing along. Like one YouTube comment correctly states: “This monster of a tune will go down in history and if it doesn’t I have no faith in humanity.” Currently in the process of being repressed by Basic Vision, we’ll sure be in the line to get our hands on this one.

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