D5 – Sides of Space (Original Mix) [ATMOSPHERIC TECHNO]

D5 – Sides of Space

Delivering atmospheric techno D5 – Sides of Space takes ones mind to another dimension. The track was released in 2006 on Delsin Records unbelievably as a B side cut. This pristine track deserved an A side just to itself. Was it that they didn’t realise what a gem had been formed by the British based producer? Well going by his standard, by D5 and his former alias Dimension 5, this was just another Diamond among Diamonds.

A dubbed out base line kicks things off keeping you locked in groove, like you’re hurtling off into the abyss of space. As outlined on Delsin’s site: Sides Of Space is awash with liquid synths and horizontal pads that sooth mind, body and soul’. The way that the synths form in and out, like they’re crystallising stars and gas formations is a spectacle to hear. The pads give you a sense that there’s something else out there, waiting to be seen in the yonder.

The composition is truly magical, you can imagine D5 constructing this track from the outside of the universe looking in. A track that radiates the senses and leaves you imagining what may lie out in deep space. This is more beautiful than what our eyes can currently see.

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