Pawel – Crillon (Sistrum Remix by Patrice Scott) [DEEP HOUSE]

The beauty of releases coming from Dial Records, is that they’re just so musical. Always offering highest quality output as though Bach decided to spend a free month honing and sequencing one bar of music. Dial Records Co-founder Pawel’s ‘Crillon’ holds a vivid and playful percussive experience made in stark contrast to the more chilling tones displayed in the majority of Dial Releases. Patrice Scott however builds on this, reminding us why he’s in the upper echleons of Deep House producers.

Ready for a rooftop bar in Central London, the warm synth pads sit on top of a standard night time groove. By restraining the amount of percussion and replacing them with twilight synths, the track brings a highly sophisticated feel. All the while keeping it’s hint of playfulness found in the original and adapting it to the dance floor. A beautiful slowed guitar strum is played over the top, offering one a sense of exuberance to the situation you’d find yourself in. Think having a great time on a date, and then, before preparing to make a move on your date being surprised by them making a move on you.

Patrice Scott is a true artist and has stated ‘My inspiration comes from all kinds of music as well as other things. I can be in the car driving and see a building and get inspired.’ This is easily found in this track perfectly etched for night-time bar escapades in cityscapes.

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