Mind Against – Cloud Nine (Original Mix) [PROGRESSIVE TECHNO]

Mind Against – Cloud Nine

Afterlife is a label which claims to be ‘an odyssey through the realm of consciousness’. Keeping with this ethos, on this track Italian duo Mind Against ensure they’re working for their money harder than Jordan Belfort did in Wolf of Wall Street. Except there’s no shame in this instance, as ‘Cloud Nine’ is not just injected soundscapes for the sake of it. Sure, the white noise displayed flourishes but unlike that on show within ‘business techno’ this track has rhythm and soul. Berlin-based duo understand the importance of essence.

Percussive and grooving the track commences with a rhythmic wooden xylophone. Its almost as if its played by an Army Sargent trying to bring his troops in line. Subtle noises reverberate like steel pips being hit in the background, preceding the main event – plucky synths which echo and elongate after each initial stab. This hatches a morph melodic kaleidoscope of aural bliss, taking you into the Cloud Nine stasis the track intends the listener to be in. To sandwich things in, together with a restrained bassline you’re treated to a signature Afterlife symphonic topline synth.

Afterlife has undergone criticism for maintaining a consistent sound. The label’s use of elevated soundscapes and minimalist kick drums undoubtedly caters to the big room experience. Fellow label DJ Patrice Baumel’s recent release ‘The Hachet‘ for example, is made for a venue like Printworks.  Those holding a preference for more underground rooting see issue with such a big exposure. However in this cut, Mind Against deliver a banging track laying somewhere in the middle of perfect warm up or after hour sets.

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