Clarian – Space Noir (Original Mix) [TECH-HOUSE]

Clarian – Space Noir (Original Mix)

Canadian Producer and DJ Clarian doesn’t just drop a banger on this cut, he drops a weapon of mass destruction. I first heard this humdinger in 2015 during a Michael Mayer set at London’s seminal go to for music lovers Oval Space. Mayer dropped a few classics that night, but nothing as so visibly powerful as Space Noir.

Throughout a few of his tracks, Clarian had a period of using this stabby, hypnotic bass synth style (See ‘Alienated‘, ‘Fear & Self Loathing‘) and uses it to full effect here. It’s punishing, fitting the narrative as described on Kompakthypnotic opener SPACE NOIR tells us about the astronaut’s fantastic voyages through space and time – but it remains unclear if these adventures are the mere side effects of a vivid, delusional imagination’.

The synths over the top of the track are highly emotional, filtered I and out at will to ensuring the dancer/listener also is on an adventure of true pleasure. I have a video of the night upon first listening to this track – and every time I watch it I always have a right chuckle at the guy next to me eyes in the back of the his head, in absolute ecstasy not giving a stuff about who or what is around him. This track enough to induce a rapture.

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