Sunpeople – Check Your Buddha (Original Mix) [MINIMAL]

Sunpeople – Check Your Buddha

Everyone needs that perfect Monday track. Minimal legend Peter Ford aka Baby Ford and his good mate Thomas Melchoir are absolute masters at making them. Baby Ford released this cut in 1998 on his own Trelik Records it is a timeless track however, and sounds straight outta 2005. Even veering on the cusp of Microhouse from the early 00’s, with it’s snippets of sound synthesising to telescope your mind to another time & place.

What makes the track is what it says in the title. A voice that sounds like a drunk Zoolander tells the dancer to ‘Check, Check your buddha’. It’s a play on words and sounds like it’s saying ‘Shake, Shake your booty.’ It’s a smart ploy that has been replicated a few times since, contorting the minds processing of the track. Tropical, and lush xylophones sound like the perfect backdrop to for laying back on a beachside hammock laying by a palm tree. Ethereal and eerie, the starlit horns overlayed make it seem like this oasis is floating through space, meandering at will upon a Picasso painted backdrop of stars and gaseous formations. Giving an earthiness to the track is the glitchy and mumbled pads, gives balance to the allure of the celestial depiction painted.

Monday’s can be a difficult task to get through – the mind can seem a bit stuck. But with the perfect background, tracks like these can make it much easier. Like this also, Baby Ford makes this track for the elevator in the mind that takes you to that secluded sanctum you wish you were in.

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