Change – Change Of Heart (12″ Version) [80S DISCO]

Change – Change Of Heart (12″ Version)

No one really does disco with such elegancy as Change. And it is clear when you listen to this 1984 hit ‘Change of Heart’. A real jam with a hook delivered by Deborah Cooper that keeps you enraptured, and a synthesiser-heavy funk that is followed by a slamming bass.  ‘Change of Heart’ is definitive proof that you don’t need a high BPM to keep the people dancing. Read some YouTube comments and you’ll find that people feel nostalgic when hearing this track, recalling the good memories they made back in the day. With the recent renaissance of disco, most clearly demonstrated by the popularity of Dekmantel Festivals, I would love to hear this dropped by a DJ in a set.

All it takes is a single listen and you’ll be singing along to the chorus of this swish banger. An anthem of independence carrying lyrics such as “I have opened up my eyes , now I can see clearly, It’s time to go , I’d rather be alone without the heartache.” seem to go in direct contrast with the uptempo beat crafted by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, who later went on to reach multi-platinum-status producing for Janet Jackson. However, hook up your stereo and let this track teleport you back to the end of the line of a glam 1980s Miami club, surrounded by good vibes & neon lights.

if you like what you’re hearing, check out the whole album here.

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