Cesare vs Disorder – Dinner with Bogdan (Original Mix) [MINIMAL]

Cesare vs Disorder – Dinner with Bogdan

Minimal can emerge under many different shapes and forms. Whether that be house, tech or funk orientated. Cesare vs Disorder is one such producer who likes to dabble with a range of styles. Maybe growing up in his native Brazil, where there is much to catch the eye, inspired such pluralism. Whatever the influence is, it sure does work. Responsible for one of the quintessential labels within the Minimal scene, Serialism Records, Cesare delivers yet another banger here. This one was released on the seminal Vakant Records, responsible for key records from Tolga Fidan, Alex Smoke and Mattias Tanzmann. A perfect fit. His Apparena Jazz EP had a Perlon mainstay Spacetravel remix. Strong and punchy, a paradigm for a 5am set at Studio Martin. ‘Dinner with Bogdan’ was our main draw however. We purchased the vinyl by the power of this track.

Rolling in like a Rominimal Rhadoo romper or Trommel release, the bass is at its warbly and wonky optimum. Rubbery and loaded in funk, the bassline is finely crafted for a party at Club De Visioniare. The definition of free thinking, but suave. Shimmering, and echoed synths are dolloped in, causing a gnarly ripple effect. Much like watching water ripple when dropping a stone in a still forest stream. Murky drawn out synths come in and out in the spirit of a Rick Wade track. The hats, however, give the track stacks of ammunition to push and pull the energy of the dancefloor. Cesare continues to breach the boundaries by summing field noises of creaking doors and ‘magic up’ shrills you would normally hear in an RPG.

Vakant Records have a knack for providing its artists with creative freedom to release the obscure. With ‘Dinner With Bogdan’ Ceasare justifies such ethos. Its functionality can easily adapt to the agility of a Minimal or Deep House set to saturate the atmosphere.

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