Carl A. Finlow – Anomaly (Original Mix) [ELECTRO]

Carl A, Finlow – Anomaly

Originally released in 2002, ‘Anomoly’ is a low-slung Electro banger that you certainly wouldn’t play at a funeral. Yet is caries the dreariness of a ‘we’ve been partying for a week straight’ after-party scene in an arthouse film. Reissued in 2016 with a remastered version on Maceo Plex’s Lone Romantic, 2020 Vision co-founder Carl A. Finlow’s cut is Hoover Dam water tight on production with the engineering second to none (Okay, Efdemin and Blawan aren’t too bad either). Made at the time when Drexciya claimed their laurels, fellow Electro artists like DHS, Atom TM, B12 and Claro Intelecto certainly would’ve vibed to this.

‘Anomoly’ has a melancholic aura to it in the same vain as DJ Richards Grind LP. Electro can often be interlaced with neighbouring genres such as indie rock. In this instance, the rhythm of the kick is so similar you’d think you were about to listen to a new French-duo Justice track. Bulging lower note synths are panned across your ear cavern like a mist spreading across a barren lake. Moog like dubs thud away, before a brooding and bubbling electro bass enters the fray. It’s so intoxicating that’s it is almost ailing as though it carries a purpose to deep-fry your brain. A 5-note midi key melody plays alongside enchanting flutes that flit over the top, like a pied piper entrancing the crowd. If Jean Michel Jarre went through a crestfallen stage & made a song to capture it, ‘Anomaly’ would be it.

As Dixon did at his Off Sonar RA Set recently, this is a crafty tool that can be used at a higher BPM, or just keep it riding out ensuring the masses are feeling goosebumps all over. There’s a strong paradox between the sense of numbness emanating from the bass and the euphonious synths. It is like undergoing an emotion-filled comatose. Carl A. Finlow is a revered electro artist (‘Convergence‘ under his Random Factor alias is another fave) who always keeps an element of funk in his cuts. Played during a set this track is sure to electrify the crowd as it reverberates the body in its mystic, twilight-zone manner.