Blond:ish Feat. Bahramji – Laberinto (Original Mix) [PROGRESSIVE TECHNO]

Blond:ish Feat. Bahramji – Laberinto

The term ‘a trip’ is associated with tracks & sets that offer extended playtime. With scientific research concluding that listening to electronic music for a prolonged period of time modulates serotonin & dopamine levels in your brain, invested listening sessions can be rewarding. Blond:ISH’s ‘Laberinto’ is a treasured pearl in this category. Collaborating with Bahramji, a veteran Kurdish musician hailing from Iran, the Canadian DJ duo capsulise their entrancing hippie spirit with an export of progressive techno that takes the Western listener to a foreign world.

‘Laberinto’ combines coloured refractions of an Öona Dahl set with the pacific instrumentation of Lee Burridge. In fact this Kompakt Records release would feel very at home on an All Day I Dream label compilation. The use of stringed instruments that synergise with a reversed sound sample brings to mind Nicolas Jaar’s production. Filtered kicks allure, cofunctioning with a two-step bass that gives a sense of a cassette player stuck on the loop. Bahramji’s singing completes this mosaic influenced by the Orient. His lamenting, echoing vocals lead the meditation as if he’s a yoga guru struggling to come to terms with his vocation. The total cutoff of percussions towards the closure of the song the track leaves the listening crowd with the sole voice of a Kurdish vocalist accompanied by Qanun, a Persian instrument. The completion of a transportation to a new sphere undertaken by the listener. 

One of the leading singles from Blond:ISH’s debut album ‘Welcome to the Present’, Laberinto’s new age influence opens alternative dimensions. More fitting for a soirée than a large festival, it belongs in the vinyl collection of DJs such as Deniz Kurtel or Bedouin. The Eastern sounds must have undoubtedly come about as a result of the girls being an annual guest at Burning Man. The soundscapes evoke imagery of journeying through a deserted ghost town in the scorching middle-eastern heat, as traces of sand raised by the wind signal an upcoming sandstorm. Truly a trip.

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