Blawan – Getting Me Down (Original Mix) [TECHNO]

Blawan – Getting Me Down

Normally reserved for any of the main strands of the underground electronic genres, sampling a Soul/RnB vocal is a frequent as expecting to see Kanye West tweet something controversial. Except for a Techno artist that is. The genius of Berlin based, Barnsley born Blawan however is contrary to this finding the nous to be able to twist hit track I Wanna Be Down by Brandy into this scrumptious techno floor killer released in 2012.

The main part of the track is certainly the pitched up vocal, fastened to the melody as fittingly as the embroidery on a Versace. It’s oozing the poise of Usain Bolt – it just knows it’s sitting on a win. Underneath this is a snaking, nasty and rasping electro-tinged lower mids and jaunty sub bass. Petite and palatable, the percussion on this cut is similar to the experimental experience delivered by John Roberts. Giving it a wonky feel as though one needs a shot of alcohol to lighten up a bit.

The great thing about this track is its versatility. Its bounciness will make it a perfect peaktime tech house track or even one to add the fun vibes of a house party. Blawan is revered for his brutal cutting edge style combined with avant-garde nature of his productions. Let’s hope he influences more to try pioneer experimental dance ready cuts.