Benedikt Frey – Out Of Here (feat. Javolenus) [NU-DISCO]

Benedikt Frey – Out Of Here (feat. Javolenus)

Darmstadt local Benedikt Frey will not be requiring Elon Musk’s assistance for reaching Mars. His range of releases coming from such labels including Ethereal Sound, Mule Electronics and Live at Robert Johnson demonstrate one trait in common – they equally sound extragalactic. The DJs discography consists of alternative soundtracks for ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’, Plutonic acid party weapons and themes accompanying launches of Space X. His bachelor thesis alone feels like an exhibit of a dystopian experiment created by the Fourth Kind. ‘Out of Here’ feels downtempo in comparison, yet retains the viscid quiddity of xenomorph.

Filtered, timid kick drums drop you a clue within the intro that the track is likely to fall under the nu-disco category. Martian frequencies approach you like a UFO-investigator at an vacated Area 51site. Vintage Italo-disco snares begin to shiver. It reminds you of calibre attested by one of the finest exports from Naples. Brass synth stamps its authority with magnitude that rivals the Behemoth creature from ‘The Mist‘. It dances with a water pot clanging hi-hats substitute in an offbeat unison. As the track draws to its conclusion, hauntingly mellow siren lingers on the fringes of the soundwaves. It serves as a reminder of the producer’s intention to create an extraterresteral atmosphere.

In a way this release by the Love Pain Sunshine & Rain label-boss is a tribute to late 1970s space disco. Sonically, it carries the otherworldly spirit of the Western European subgenre. However, the changing nature of its context demonstrates Frey’s understanding that his sound needs to evolve with the times. His release no longer companions Spaceship Troopers or Musikladen as contemporaries. Roman Flügel’s Cosmic Disco Drama take of the track increases the bludgeon & the energy of the track. Although adding potency for the dancefloor, it is however the original mix that eclipses a lasting impression. Its transcendental ambience forms an aureola that’s dexterously synced through your headphones in order to take you to the 8th dimension.

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