Axel Boman – Purple Drank (Original Mix) [TECH-HOUSE]

Axel Boman – Purple Drank

I once saw Axel Boman perform a set in 2014 at Corsica Studios, in Room 2, shirt off behind the decks raving as hard as the crowd. Playing trippy Tech bombs, he seemed just like a normal punter having the time of his life. In your face, brash, technical tunes was the name of the game. ‘Purple Drank’ is such a contrast to such playing style, it’s like comparing a Rhino to a Jellyfish. Released in 2010 on DJ Koze’s Pampa Records, Purple Drank is a syrupy concoction reflecting its namesake.

Sweet and sticky like Promethazine and Candy hybrid, the vocal is a recollection of the woozy night before. ‘I woke up with your name on my lips’ it recollects. The way it’s said though, implies the night before was a sordid affair, one best not for the cameras. Southern rappers Bun B & Slim Thug would’ve been proud. The vocal is shocking just like the organ riff. Bright but dark it slowly seeps into the mix before expanding into a trance-like manner. Picking up pace with the echoed vocal, it turns into a ferocious canopy of sound, a whoosh similar to Scuba’s ‘Adrenaline‘. Jingle Bell like chimes spritz across the bass adding a juxtaposition to the harrowing mood.

Axel is one of electronic music’s leading lights with experimental, nostalgic and warm cuts. In tandem with John Talabot as Talaboman, it elevates his status even more. ‘Hello‘ and ‘Nattsudd’ are a pure downtempo feel good House bliss. Axel’s tracks such as ‘Esteban Peligro‘, ‘Television People‘ & the track in question show he still loves a 4am mind melt tack. Purple Drank is a blend made up of codeine syrup, soda drink and candy. As well as being flavoursome and euphoria inducing, It’s extremely addictive, just like this track.

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