Aux 88 – Direct Drive (Original Mix) [DETROIT ELECTRO]

Aux 88 – Direct Drive (Original Mix)

Detroit Electro is a scene deserving of an academic module itself. An offshoot of the iconic city’s techno second wave, the subgenre offers some of the rawest pulsating bangers. Aux 88, a fellowship of Tom Tom (Tommy Hamilton) and Keith Tucker (DJ K1) hold a strong claim to its crown. Search ‘Detroit Electro’ on Google and you’ll find that the first result is Tucker’s essentials guide to the genre. Released by the criminally underrated Direct Beat label, ‘Direct Drive’ is a historic artefact of the duo’s legacy.

Original released in 1995, the track is an alchemy of Miami Bass and Detroit techno. With a BPM close to 140, oscillating energy pounds to the core of the inner bone. One of the first things you come to notice is the combination of the thrumming hi-hats and Southern Rap influenced claps. Sinister soundscapes reminiscent of an Italian giallo movie synergise with a thumping bassline deserving of a Need For Speed track-listing. ‘Trans Europe Express‘ is undeniably a direct influence here, however, Aux 88 add an element of inner city grittiness. Its no wonder that the resulting track is highly sought after by DJs old and new.

Kings of the East side
‘Direct Drive’ is Aux 88’s legacy of the Motor City’s east side sound. Its empirical proof that its impossible to listen to the DJ duo record while sitting on a sofa. All the while it retains its authenticity to the streets. One can only imagine how many hustlers played this at full volume from the trunk of their cars. It must have received regular airplay from ‘The Electrifying Mojo’, a mystical WGPR radio DJ with an enigmatic personality of his own. With a repress of the DB4W-013 release back in 2018 (source Keith Tucker), this is an EP that will be a hot pickup. From Dusseldorf to Detroit, all is done with the roguish spirit of Kraftwerk.

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