Autoven – Danz Nite (Rigopolar Remix) [NU-DISCO]

Autoven – Danz Nite (Rigopolar Remix)

Mexican-born producer Ringopolar gives his fellow countryman’s track a makeover that supersedes the original 2016 release. In the spirit of his associated Swedish label Tom Tom Disco, the heteroclite vibes featured combine with top-tier percussion work. Though the DJ’s notable releases such as Sun Of Lemuria (Ransom Note) & Sistema Lunar II failed to capture an audience so far, this remix is yet another gem to be unearthed by lucky crate-diggers.

Assortment of vocal samples litter the track, from pitched-down male vocals to a chanting female choir & even tints of reverb-heavy vocals fitting for a Hot Since 82 tech-house cut. The core of the track comes in the shape of the ever-present pulsating arpeggio that experiments in shades of various filters. Restrained bassline provides the groove of the track that’s worthy of a place reserved in Daft Punk’s ‘Homework‘ catalogue. There’s even a tease of an acidic lick towards the conclusion of the track. However, the late entry never overstays its welcome, avoiding an acid house romper seizure. This comes out as a masterful touch, from a producer that knows how to work a crowd.

The greatest asset of this remix is its adept restraint. Instead of preserving Autoven’s original kicks that induce a thump, Rigopolar offers them a second-class seating. In this, the listener is treated to a front-row array of atmospheric space sounds akin to Prins Thomas’ production. Resultantly, the track’s potential is twofold. More conventionally it’ll serve its duty as a fail-safing instrument used to warm up the room’s temperature. For more seasoned yet unorthodox DJs, its a ballista to be tested in the peak of the night.

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