Atmosfear – Deep Bass Nine (Idjut Boys Remix) [DISCO FUNK]

Atmosfear – Deep Bass Nine (Idjut Boys Remix)

Trying to describe the Idjut Boys production style is something of an impossibility. Much like trying to convert the Pope into a cultish apocalyptic Alien sect, it ain’t going to happen. However, from listening to tracks such as the tech-housey ‘Phantom Slasher‘, mush-mashed ‘One For Kenny‘ and the Smalltown Supertown released indie trip ‘Ambient Rab‘, ‘psychedelic‘ is something that aptly suits. Hailing from North London the duo, made up of Dan Tyler & Conrad McConnell, make music for the purists. All the while, keeping it raw and passionate without losing any soul. This is most exemplified in the 1999 cut on Atmosfear’s Altered State LP ‘Deep Bass Nine’.

A play on Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine, the track is a delight for a fan of funk and disco. Drop this in your set and you know the club will be set ablaze. The edit of El-Coco’s ‘Cocomotion‘ is another such track of theirs which is primed for the dancefloor to be lit on fire. After much searching, the original couldn’t be found. We’re sure that the Idjut Boys put it in safe hands however. Starting off with a whirlwind of percussion, bongos, delayed drums and whirring noises, it’s certainly intergalactic at heart. Once the guitar strings come in, the brew of elements give the feeling that you’re on a beach floating through space. Flute-like sounds contrast with the funk basslines as echoing guitar strums provide real rhythm. Over the course of the remaining two-thirds of the track, each key element is given time for a solo. It’s a right trip that only the Idjut Boys could pull off as a masterclass.

With 44 releases listed to their name, it’s astounding how the duo manage to maintain quality despite having such prolific output. Speaking with Anthem Magazine back in 2012, the boys spoke about how they record their drums live. Such an organic approach permeates in the remix, retaining Atmosfear’s deep disco style found in tracks such as ‘Dancing In Outer Space‘ with a tint of a Balearic touch.