Ateq – Tempr (Original Mix) [MINIMAL TECHNO]

Ateq – Tempr (Original Mix)

Having been childhood friends with DJ Dustin, ATEQ joined the Giegling collective back in 2007 after being asked to play at the recently acquired club space in Weimar. Since then, Florian (real name) has made 3 offerings to the label’s discography. Sparse his contributions may be, they leave a mark on the listener with its blueprint enigmatic sound. His 2013 track ‘Tempr’ embodies the more ambient sensibilities of minimal techno. Coming out under the label’s GIEGLING 13 release titled ‘Sig’, the track immerses the listener in ‘recurring gentle waves of electronic loops‘. Reflective of the producer’s private persona, it is shrouded in mystery that accompanies a gentle beat.

Konstatin has previously stated in an interview that the label has certain projects in mind ‘to release a record in the winter time, because it would be nice to listen to [them] when it is cold‘. ‘Tempr’ certainly fits such mould, with Yoyako describing the track as a creation of an ‘esoteric space filled with sorrowful chords played quietly amidst the beats’. Ghostly, the chords welcome the listener with their pale echoes heard at the beginning of the track. Prior to the EP’s release ATEQ gave an interview to Inverted Audio, highlighting his new MX3V2 Modular Resonator as being a key piece equipment used for the project. For those who have come across Ricardo Villalobos‘ brooding 2003 micro house track ‘Dexter’ before, ‘the rhythmic sleight of hand‘ used by ATEQ bares some resemblance. Both tracks, as Juno puts it, use ‘minimal elements to create something grand‘.

Speaking to Texx and The City, the producer explained that Giegling’s ‘music and events are our sort of language, our way of communicating with the world‘. Florian gives some insight into the world he wishes to create with his soundscapes, claiming to make records that you’d ‘find somewhere hidden in a dusty record store‘. The subtle sound of sombering harmony he’s created with ‘Tempr’ makes it a treasured find for any habituĂ© who finds it.

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