Aoud – SE MKII (Original Mix) [MELODIC TECHNO]

Aoud – SE MKII (Original Mix)

If you managed to see Blade Runner 2049 last year then you’d agree that the film had the perfect scenery for a techno-curated playlist. The harsh metropolitan setting for the future world setting would have been a perfect fit for the genre. Hans Zimmer’s official soundtrack even hinted at incorporation of such lustreware sounds. Had we selected the title tracks for the blockbuster, Aoud – SE MKII would have without a doubt been a headliner on that OST.

The track received its dues at Paula Temple’s Timewarp 2018 set. Lancashire-born DJ played it a higher BPM than the original mix. This actually made it feel more euphoric and hard hitting. Its essence takes two contrasting states and fusses them together to create something that feels distant due to its grandeur, yet filled with raw emotion due to use of piercing synths. The more conventional pulsating bassline is reflective of the Replicant world. Filled with machinery, and industrial environment that reflects an impassive world.

The synthetic melody on the other hand, represents the search of emotion by the central characters such as Rick & Officer K. It simply drenches neon imagery. Ultimately, the two alchemies combined create a biblical levels of intensity that reign from the third minute onwards.

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