iO Mulen – Na Latnem (Original Mix) [MINIMAL]

iO Mulen - Na Latnem (Original Mix) [MINIMAL/DEEP HO-- USE] iO Mulen's 'Na Latnem' is a 2015 Minimal Techno and Deep House blend track that Adam Shelton had to beg to have released on One Records.iO Mulen – Na Latnem

iO Mulen is part of a cabal of producers that includes Janaret, Ion Ludwig & Lowris, who straddle the line between the Romanian interpretation of Minimal and Deep House. Bewitching as much as it is functional, the sound is a certified crowd pleaser at its best. iO also part of a faction of DJs like like Tommy Vicari Jnr, East End Dubs and Traumprinz who tend to release purchase-on-sight records coveted by Discogs fiends. Listening to any of these producers’ tracks makes it’s pretty easy to see why. Having previously featured on labels such as Apollonia and Diynamic to name a few, it comes as no surprise that the Ukrainian found his way to One Records. Introduced by the great John Dimas, it surely is a shrewd move by Adam Shelton and Subb-an. ‘Na Latnem’ had already been signed to another label, but it was so good that Shelton begged for it to be released on his own outlet. Coming out in 2015, though it served as a B side you’d be satisfied if it had a full A side to itself.

The track kicks off with energetic drums and hats that resemble a live feel. Bursts of whistled air plumes give it a light tone. However, it’s deceiving in form as what comes next is bone-rattling. Replicating many of his other tracks, the bass is punishing, bulldozing the ears opting to be held rather than staccato’d. It’s the definition of what one may refer to as a ‘dance floor roller’. “I love to work with samples for arrangements by adding  Roland Juno-60 synthesizer and Roland TR-909″ the Ukrainian told Magazine Sixty. Utilising horned samples, Mulen then elevates the track with pads drenched in reverb that permeate the Ibizan sun at dusk. Yes it’s a tool, but an epizootic one at that. Continue reading

Vladimir Dubyshkin – Who’s Your Daddy [TECHNO]

Vladamir Dubyshkin - Who’s Your Daddy [TECHNO] The Russian DJ and producer's 'Who's Your Daddy' is an absolute blast of a track. This techno track will certainly push the dancefloor to the edge.Vladimir Dubyshkin – Who’s Your Daddy

Most electronic music heads will only know of a few artists hailing from Russia such as Andrey Pushkarev, Nina Kraviz or Anton Zap. Scratch under the surface however, and you’ll find some of the most gripping music within the genre. Step forth Vladimir Dubyshkyn. It took me a good year to discover Overland Trip on Dubfire’s 2017 Timewarp Mix. And boy was I happy. The track paints a picture of a Journey on the Trans Siberian Railways. Not a surprise as he hails from Tambov, 450km South East of Moscow. Powerful and showcasing the splendour of the Russian wilderness. It’s a unique track in the way it is expansive like a Ben Klock track but just as driving as Adam Beyer. Stefan Goldmann released this absolute weapon of mass destruction on his Macro Recordings. The A2 ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ however brings about extraordinary amplification of dancefloor derangement.

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