Anthony Difrancesco – Level 3 (Original Mix) [MINIMAL]

Anthony Difrancesco – Level 3

Fuse London is a slow-burning Minimal, Tech House and Deep House label that’s on a gradual rise to the top. Carrying as much force as a glacier down a mountain – its steady pace is eating up all it encounters. Central to it all is the theme of using a husky dubbed bass. The vocal on this 9 minute mark of founders’ Enzo Siragusa & Seb Zito Sankeys Ibiza set, ‘If it sounds forced I won’t do it’ pretty much sums up the label philosophy to date. Released in 2014 Anthony Difrancesco’s ‘Level 3’ seamlessly matches this cushy sound, showcasing the beauty of underground music. Its a setting of various sounds kept in unison by a locked groove.

Murmurings of people and field noises in the back ground lift the senses from the off. A signature Fuse dub bass kicks in with fervid shuffling hats. Strings appear from nowhere sounding like they’re from a Stravinsky musical. Harps begin to strum, crescendoing up and down through the track while adding a faraway vibe to the track. You might have expected a standard Deep House cut, yet the teched out synth stabs, which sound like an intoxicated robot, rubbish that thought away instantly. What’s being played is a 3 note major-minor-major pattern in recurring short bursts. This ensures the dancer is back on the ground head down, fandangoing side to side. Continue reading

Featured Mix: Azimute at Unusual Suspects Sankeys Ibiza

Azimute at Unusual Suspects Sankeys Ibiza [Serialism Recordings]

Azimute at Unusual Suspects Sankeys Ibiza [Serialism Recordings]

Azimute are a formidable production and DJ duo made of London based Swiss Quenum and Brazil born Berlin based Ceasre vs Disorder. Being a huge fan of Quenum since his 2008 track, Vault Elements, I was really excited to see the blow up of Chisti Cons remix of The Secret would put Azimute productions into the minds of music seekers. As Cocoon put on their notes for their monster 2017 release The Secret EP, they’re ‘no stranger to in-the-know techno heads.’ The mix is certainly one for the heads, and seeing the hypnotic sways of the dance floor in this video it is certainly one for the dancer in mind.

Minimal minded at first, with the dope cavernous ghost like stabs at the 12minute mark leaving you feel these guys have a few bangers up their sleeves. After playing their abstract minimal track, Baltazare, the mix picks up after 20 minutes with a Luciano type tribal track, with a loop of bongos, triangles, white noise shrills and off kilt filtered vocal setting up a fun but tense vibe.

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