Moby – Next Is The E (Synthe Mix) [1990s HO– USE]

Moby - Next Is The E (Synthe Mix) [1990s HO-- USE] Though 'Go' birthed Moby's career, rave anthem 'Next Is The E' was always the set-starter, according to his 2016 autobiography 'Porcelain'.Moby – Next Is The E (Synthe Mix)
The early 1990s was an interesting time for the New York underground scene. Larry Levin was living his final years, seasoned clubbers reminisced about the good times of Studio 54, while Garage House moved across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom. Then came Moby, and brought a fresh dimension of ‘rave’ into the mix. A lonely inhabitant of an abandoned factory based in skid row outskirts of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, he was inspired by fringe culture. A regular DJ at the Mars Club, he introduced the locals to his innovative sound. Though ‘Go‘ birthed the producer’s career, ‘Next Is The E’ was always the set-starter, according to his 2016 autobiography ‘Porcelain‘.

The track opens up with a drum pattern similar to 1980s Hip Hop hits such as Big Daddy Kane’s ‘Ain’t No Half Steppin‘ or Eric B. & Rakim’s ‘Paid in Full‘ that simmered its influence into 1990s. A hyperkinetic bass loops, an inheritance of Moby’s teenage years involvement in DIY punk bands. A masterful use of stripped down, sampled vocals have painted Moby’s picturesque discography. In ‘Honey‘ he sampled Bessie Jones, Boy Blues’ ‘Joe Lee’s Rock’ laid the fundamentals for ‘Find My Baby‘ & Vera Hall’s voice conducted ‘Natural Blues‘. Here he combines male ‘Heart-beating‘ chants with female ‘I Feel It‘ and ‘Yeah‘, all which sound related to the other. The breakdown, however, is the highlight of the track. Stripped of the bass, the kick and soft hi-hats accompany radiant ambient pads. Moby is gifted in soundscapes, none more evident than in ‘God Moving Over The Face of The Waters‘ which scored as the OST for Michael Mann’s 1995 movie ‘Heat‘. The melody coalesces, with repetition of ‘These are the odds‘ to raise the dopamine levels before all comes crashing into a drop. The preluding elements collide with the new vocal chants to complete a collage of rhapsodies, all dancing in unison to bring down the soundtrack of paradise.

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TB – Invitation To Love (Original Mix) [PROGRESSIVE TECHNO]

TB - Invitation To Love (Original Mix) [PROGRESSIVE TECHNO] Sampling Twin Peak's

TB – Invitation To Love (Original Mix)

At times, you come across track are shaped with a clear vision in mind. ‘Invitation To Love’ is a prime example of such, being crafted perfectly as a track to be played within the first 30 mins of a summer festival. Taking influence from Moby’s ‘Go‘, the track sounds like a 2013 remix from the Italian DJ duo Tale of Us. The original sample comes from Twin Peaks OST’s “Laura Palmer’s Theme”. The sense of TV’s mystique is combined with tints of acid and 808 drums. Channeling the ambient synths, the track maintains its core purpose throughout.

Released in 2012 as part of Hiverned # 2, it serves as a more expansive partner to Marc Piñol’s claustrophobic ‘Arrebato‘ cut. Mastered by Andreas, supported by such as Guy Gerber at his Chicago rooftop Rumor parties. The track maintains a consistent downtempo rhythm of around 110 BPM, aiming to hypnotize you into waltz. It offers a less kaleidoscopic vibe than contemporary Hivern Disc releases from producers such as Pional or Alejandro Mosso for example. Yet this elevates the essence of the track’s enticing scent. Continue reading