Youandewan – Youandme (On My Mind) [HO– USE]

Youandewan - Youandme (On My Mind) [2 STEP HO-- USE] Dubstep and deep house combo from the UK DJ and producer. Youandewan – Youandme (On My Mind)

When the real Dubstep was in it’s heydey, boy oh boy did it come off well. Melting other styles like 2 Step, Jungle and Garage it was a blank canvas for creativity. Released in 2011, Youandewan uses a nostalgic nod to the 2 Step days with this cut and its brilliance still can be shined through to this day.

Dubstep hats kick in over a smooth sub bass that has real baritone like character. It’s only one note, but the chords played give the track that 7pm Summer in south London feel. Beautiful Rhodes piano chords looped over the top make it sound pretty, akin to something played by Moomin, Christopher Rau or Pantha Du Prince. It helps make the track ‘Deep’, helping a DJ to mix it in with more function deep or tech house. Continue reading

Premiesku – Bucur (Original Mix) [TECH HO– USE]

Premiesku - Bucur (Original Mix) [TECH HO-- USE] Artwork

Premiesku – Bucur (Original Mix)

Want to press the foot on the gas a notch to keep the party in a locked, but wild groove? Check out Premesku’s Bucur.

Lush chugging percussion give it a jungle soirée vibe, with bongos, chopped birds give it a real forward momentum. The delayed, muddy bass gives a great platform for what’s going on, like it’s this Amazon rainforest environment with its different layers and ecosystems. Flutes which would normally be reserved for a movie like Tarzan or Indiana Jones make a welcome appearance. This completes this intrastate track giving you a feel like you’re in a world of your own.