Hans Thalau – Asdis (Original Mix) [DEEP HO– USE]

Released on Shur-I-Kan’s Dark Energy Recordings in 2013, Hans Thalaus ‘Asdis’ is a tasty combo of deep house and tech-house perfect for a warm DJ set in Ibiza.
Hans Thalau – Asdis

Upon first hearing Hans Thalau’s opulent cut ‘Black CC’ we straight up thought it was the Mountain People. Chords that were engineered to a crisp, shouldered a dubbed bass that rose and fell like Mediterranean waves. When looking deeper, we were reminded that it was none other than the head of Thai Communications label himself. The German producer has been under the radar from those in the know, yet his synth-driven deep house cuts class him as one of the best. Released on Shur-I-Kan’s Dark Energy Recordings in 2013, ‘Asdis’ came to our attention after hearing a slew of other tasty Hans Thalau morsels. Brandishing a signature dubby bass, the melody of the synths give the track a frolicsome vibe fitting for a Hed Kandi, Defected In The House compilation or a tINI & the Gang party.

‘Asdis’ breaks this mould through the statement asserted in the title. It is a Nordic name for ‘Divine Being’. Echoed ambient stabs which one may find in an Echochord track makes you feel as though the ear has space around it to move. A chugging bongo is brought down to the ground by the toneless bass that innervates through its inflection. Hans is adept at warping a vocal, and this one seesaws ‘Follow me’ in synergy with the stabs. And why are you following? Because the realm the vocal is inviting you to teleport to is pure. Hans exhibits the finesse of a master keyboard player, each chord progression sounding effortless. The spirit of Kerri Chandler is felt, as the pads sound straight out of his 1990s release ‘Keep Me Inside’. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Joe Smooth – Promised Land (Club Mix) [#TBT]

Joe Smooth - Promised Land (Club Mix) 1980's House Vinyl Cover

Joe Smooth – Promised Land (Club Mix)

Sometimes you have to remember to give the classics the due they’re owed. Though millions have heard this Joe Smooth – Promised Land track on GTA San Andreas’ fictional house radio station SF-UR, many are unaware of its legacy on the history of house music.

Smooth’s inspiration for the track came to him while touring in Europe with Farley “Jackmaster” Funk. Together they spread the good news of house amongst its newfound followers. Smooth, being almost a Moses-like figure, found himself leading the fans across to a new world of the underground that replaced the thirst for violence with love.

The production of the track is of course is immaculate. Chicago house drums accompany crispy-clean hi hats. Smooth even plays arounds with toms halfway through the track. The vocals are choir-like, preaching the message of inclusivity. Smooth certainly lives up to his name with a record such as this.

Let’s hope that in the future, house producers will remain to be inspired by the spirit of this track. We need more electronic music that is equally forward-thinking as it is spiritually rich.