Lawrence – Marlen (Carsten Jost & DJ Richard Remix) [DEEP HO– USE]

Lawrence - Marlen (Carsten Jost & DJ Richard Remix) [DEEP HO-- USE] Released on Dial Records in 2015, DJ Richard & Carsten Jost combine to reengineer an ambient house cut into a profound dancefloor weapon that bathes in minimal. The DJs, label heads and producers combine for a a German mastery.
Lawrence – Marlen (Carsten Jost & DJ Richard Remix)

Released on Dial Records in 2015, DJ Richard & Carsten Jost combine to reengineer an ambient house cut into a profound dancefloor weapon. A fan of Dial Records since my mid-teens, I’ve always been excited to see new artists pushed by the crew. With Minimal and Deep House bosses like Efdemin, Carsten Jost, Roman Flügel & Lawrence on the roster, they’re more gifted than the finest brain surgeon. Allowing for creativity and weirdness is their Modus Operandi, and DJ Richard truly fits the bill. The IDM and Techno on his breakout Grind, and later releases on Dial are triumphal in melancholic ingenuity. After years of grafting with label mates Aron Arneson and Young Male on White Material Label, Rich fits the Dial ethos of pushing the boundaries. Having a newbie on the label, and an old head collaborating is adumbration that the method may change, but the message remains the same. Their remix of ‘Marlen’ takes the Dial brand further into more rugged territories.

The bass that murmurs from the start is like a mole that pokes it’s head out of the ground. Poking and probing for what’s above ground, but not loud enough to be seen. A sumptuous kick that you can tell Carsten would’ve engineered. He also has runs an avant-garde rock band named the Misanthrope CA Project with Robert Kulisek. Weird and wacky a sweeping vocal goes from let to right. It sounds like a cat growl on autotune. Kept from the original is the masterful dollops of synth which as primed for the grey sky. DJ Richard is built for this kind of weather, as eery cinematic soundscapes drawl. “I like romantic sound design, but an upsetting palette” DJ Richard told The Fader. It’s a charm that works well. Listen to ‘Love‘ from Perishable Tactics or ‘Pink’, out on Benno Blome’s Sender Records. You will understand Carsten is is cut from a similarly somber cloth. It is his flawless piano work, such as that displayed on Pink that makes this magical. Warm and innocent, it perfectly matches the candle lit cover art. Continue reading

Crillon (Sistrum Remix by Patrice Scott) – Pawel [DEEP HO– USE]

The beauty of releases coming from Dial Records, is that they’re just so musical. Always offering highest quality output as though Bach decided to spend a free month honing and sequencing one bar of music. Dial Records Co-founder Pawel’s Crillon holds a vivid and playful percussive experience made in stark contrast to the more chilling tones displayed in the majority of Dial Releases. Patrice Scott however builds on this, reminding us why he’s in the upper echleons of Deep House producers.

Ready for a rooftop bar in Central London, the warm synth pads sit on top of a standard night time groove. By restraining the amount of percussion and replacing them with twilight synths, the track brings a highly sophisticated feel. Continue reading

Pigon – Promises (Original Mix) [DEEP TECH]

Pigon Promises Artwork for Deep Tech Track Original Mix

Pigon – Promises (Original Mix)

It’s 2009, and Electro House is at it’s peak in Australia. Unless it’s a Vandalism or TV Rock track, most people don’t want to know. I’m at my Central Brisbane Apartment with a few of my best mates Marcus, Hughy, Blakey, Dosa and Jojo having an afterparty, Sven Vath’s Sound of The Ninth Season is playing in the background. Few tracks in one of my best mates Marcus turns to me and goes ‘What the hell is this music? How could you listen to it?’ … a few tracks later ‘Promises’ hits and he then comments ‘Oh..that’s why’.

Promises is the perfect late night track. This Deep Tech banger produced by the formidable Dial Records mainstay Efdemin and Rndm evokes feelings hidden deep inside of the soul, explicitly connecting your thoughts and emotions. Continue reading