Frank & Tony feat. Bob Moses – Marigold (Original Mix) [DEEP HO– USE]

Frank & Tony feat. Bob Moses - Marigold (Original Mix) [DEEP HO-- USE] Frank & Tony's 2012 mellow track 'Marigold' finds the perfect vocalist suitors in long-term Bob Moses.Frank & Tony feat. Bob Moses – Marigold

Brooklyn old-timers Francis Harris and Anthony Collins were a prolific production partnership under the guise of Frank & Tony in the mid 2010s. Part-owners of the taste-making New York label Scissor & Thread, their output was a melange of mature, tender interpretation of Deep House. Harris brought the exhaling texturing that complimented Collins’ percussion finesse. Pitchfork adequately claims duo were more “concerned with the sound of House music than its function“. In such, their tracks serve well for listening sessions and in-store DJ sets. Their 2012 track ‘Marigold’ found the perfect vocalist suitors in Bob Moses, a Vancouver duo that was christened by them. The NY veterans gave the Canadians their name, and their support on ‘Marigold’ kindly returned the favour.

Frank & Tony’s production notably interpreted the lower ends of EQ in a number of creative ways . While releases such as ‘What You Believe‘ & ‘Amedeo‘ brought a much more restrained approach, ‘Modest Season‘ & ‘Harmonium‘ came freshly baked from the academy of Basic Channel. In ‘Marigold’ they opted for a chugging bassline that is rich in flavour to open the track. True to form, however, soft keys reverberate in rotation to create a serene ambience. ‘All the way, all the way, all the way, watching this burn” the vocals repeat. Bob Moses’ mellifluous singing has made them a headlining act in the Underground scene, and a desired collaborator. Frank & Tony were blessed with an album’s worth of features back in early 2010s. The pads that eventually enter feel like a substitute for the Pacific wind, gently caressing the listeners ears. The vibe almost be described as a slower tempo, Western approach to Nu & Jo Ke’s – ‘Who Loves The Sun‘. It would comes as no surprise, therefore, to hear it feature at a sunset mix of Jose Padilla. Continue reading

Goshawk – Down In Brooklyn (Original Mix) [DEEP HO– USE]

Goshawk - Down In Brooklyn (Original Mix) [DEEP HO-- USE] Deep house joint from Rhythm Plate’s Matt Hunt released under his Goshawk alias in 2017. 'Down In Brooklyn' offers infectious gospel vocals cut.Goshawk – Down In Brooklyn (Original Mix)

One half of Rhythm Plate’s Matt Hunt released this little gem under his Goshawk alias late last year. Goshawk – Down In Brooklyn combines Spiritual vocals that claim “I ain’t scared of Brooklyn” with some Rhodes chords, and 80s influenced synths. Goshawk crafts a tasty cocktail of an uptempo deep house track that carries a gospel blues soul.

Heads will soon be nodding once the oscillating percussions start rolling. The vocals will chant you into a dance, almost rallying a cry. You can almost imagine this being a soundtrack to a 1960s rally race roller disco afterparty. Released as part of the Double House & Triple Garage EP under the duos Pressed For Time label, ‘Down In Brooklyn’ lays hidden in the fringes of YouTube searches, making it a real jewel for those music enthusiasts who discover it.