Throwback Thursday: Round Two – New Day (feat. Andy Caine) [DEEP HO– USE]

Round Two – New Day (feat. Andy Caine)

The Godfathers of Dub Techno, Basic Channel aka Mortitz Von Oswald & Mark Ernestus all hail from Berlin. Here they deliver what must be one of the most compelling pieces of music in the history of Deep House. Off the back of a string of memorable releases made in under their Basic Channel, Maurizio and Rhythm & Sound guises, the vision and execution to compose such a variant release under the Round 2 guise confirmed that these producers were as legit musicians as they come.

Real Legacy

Made in 1994, the track tells a story about an on and off relationship. Starting with a dubby sub bass, and a bassy melodic pad similar to that of a Chaz Damier or Ron Trent cut. Once the warm, drawn out pads come in, you can sense something special is about to take place. As though sunrise is about to hit the beach. The vocal that then proceeds to just calmly stroll into party surely must be the best Deep House vocals in existence.


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