Levon Vincent – Woman Is An Angel [ACIDIC TECHNO]

Levon Vincent - Woman Is An Angel Acidic Techno Original Mix

Levon Vincent – Woman Is An Angel

Texas born, Berlin-adopted Levon Vincent has been releasing an acidic form of techno for a while now. Woman Is An Angel is the peak of his creation, coming from Novel Sound record label boss’ self-titled 2015 LP.

Following the tradition of Levon’s ability to create mesmerising, The track carries a soundscape that sounds erosive. It almost dissolves the essence of your soul. Guided by a trenchant lead synth that allures the listener into a dance intoxicated by trance. Creating a Saharian atmosphere, the song will leave you thirsting for a glass of water by the end of it all.

A track that would best fit an Afterlife artist or a Marcel Dettmann’s set, its volcanic first four minutes leave you feeling vulnerable.

This means when the strings kick in towards the closure of the song you get overwhelmed with euphoria. In terms of what imagery it conjures, that is solely left to the listener. The consistent rhythm moves along like a sapped camel powering through a scorching desert towards the realm of oasis. One thing is for sure, this track does not lack passivity. Continue reading