Timothy J. Fairplay – Pure Hex (Original Mix) [ELECTRO]

Timothy J. Fairplay - Pure Hex (Original Mix) [ELECTRO] Analogue synth heavy track that's a perfect companion to the strobe lighting of a peak time clubbing experience. The DJ and Producer proves that left field production influenced by Legowelt and sci-fi horror B-movies can groove the masses.
Timothy J. Fairplay – Pure Hex (Original Mix)

Timothy J. Fairplay has always considered himself to be an outsider. In the 2013 interview with FACT magazine, Fairplay claimed to be a contrarian. Such a left field approach is none more evident than in his musical output, which plated in eccentricity and outré. Pure Hex retains such signature caprice while offering a bangers that’s a universal floor-filler. Released last year on the Nocta Numerica label, its unashamedly extraterrestrial. Like other label’s contemporary releases, the ambience created by the track is akin to a Nicolas Winding Refn OST. All the while maintaining an energy that is enticing in vein similar to Smith N Hack’s track ‘Falling Stars

The artwork featuring a 1980s television set up is a perfect embodiment of the track’s substance. Immediately you’re introduced to synths that sound similar to a martian raygun. The production is a love letter to the decade’s now infamous B-side sci-fi flicks.  Continue reading

Change – Change Of Heart (12″ Version) [80S DISCO]

Change - Change of Heart 80s Disco 12 inch Version Vinyl Artwork 1980s Disco

Change – Change Of Heart (12″ Version)

No one really does disco with such elegancy as Change. And it is clear when you listen to this 1984 hit ‘Change of Heart’. A real jam with a hook delivered by Deborah Cooper that keeps you enraptured, and a synthesiser-heavy funk that is followed by a slamming bass.  ‘Change of Heart’ is definitive proof that you don’t need a high BPM to keep the people dancing. Read some YouTube comments and you’ll find that people feel nostalgic when hearing this track, recalling the good memories they made back in the day. With the recent renaissance of disco, most clearly demonstrated by the popularity of Dekmantel Festivals, I would love to hear this dropped by a DJ in a set.

All it takes is a single listen and you’ll be singing along to the chorus of this swish banger. An anthem of independence carrying lyrics such as “I have opened up my eyes , now I can see clearly, It’s time to go , I’d rather be alone without the heartache.” seem to go in direct contrast with the uptempo beat crafted by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, who later went on to reach multi-platinum-status producing for Janet Jackson. However, hook up your stereo and let this track teleport you back to the end of the line of a glam 1980s Miami club, surrounded by good vibes & neon lights.

if you like what you’re hearing, check out the whole album here.

Throwback Thursday: Joe Smooth – Promised Land (Club Mix) [#TBT]

Joe Smooth - Promised Land (Club Mix) 1980's House Vinyl Cover

Joe Smooth – Promised Land (Club Mix)

Sometimes you have to remember to give the classics the due they’re owed. Though millions have heard this Joe Smooth – Promised Land track on GTA San Andreas’ fictional house radio station SF-UR, many are unaware of its legacy on the history of house music.

Smooth’s inspiration for the track came to him while touring in Europe with Farley “Jackmaster” Funk. Together they spread the good news of house amongst its newfound followers. Smooth, being almost a Moses-like figure, found himself leading the fans across to a new world of the underground that replaced the thirst for violence with love.

The production of the track is of course is immaculate. Chicago house drums accompany crispy-clean hi hats. Smooth even plays arounds with toms halfway through the track. The vocals are choir-like, preaching the message of inclusivity. Smooth certainly lives up to his name with a record such as this.

Let’s hope that in the future, house producers will remain to be inspired by the spirit of this track. We need more electronic music that is equally forward-thinking as it is spiritually rich.

V – Mon Vieil Amour [NU-DISCO]

V - Mon Vieil Amour (Original Mix) [NU-DISCO/80s]V – Mon Vieil Amour

According to Soundcloud, nobody truly knows V, the face behind this killer, melodic track. Some claim V to be a Belgian with an EBM heritage, others, a nomad from outer Prussia.

If you let music do the talking, then V – Mon Vieil Amour is a 80s influenced nu-disco floor-filler. It definitely pumps the melody into your heartbeat. Reverb-heavy claps follow a pulsating kick, while plays around with a range of tasty layers of synths and arps.

A track that can equally be used to increase the BPM during the warm up, as it can to maintain the vibes mid-set. It can be best understood as a track that you’ll replay in the morning after a great night out to put a nostalgic smile on your face.

Check it out here.