Deep Dish Presents…. Prana – The Dream (Skylark Remix) [DEEP HO– USE]

Deep Dish Presents.... Prana - The Dream (Skylark Remix) [DEEP HO-- USE] Armenian duo famous for their Global Underground CD mixes released this interpretation of the track in their prime.

Deep Dish Presents…. Prana – The Dream (Skylark Remix)

Before Dubfire became an NBA All-Star DJ of the underground dance music world he ran one of most revered Techno and Minimal Record Labels, SCI+TEC. A major influenc on the scene, it pioneered the ‘Big Room’ sound in the late 00s. He was one half of house music duo Deep Dish. Famous for a slew of hits, including Say Hello and Flashdance, Dubfire & Sharam were a great duo who included different styles from Rock to Progressive. The ‘Prana’ project also included collaborators Brian Transeau (BT) and famed techno producer John Selway. Some tracks can destroy classic tracks. This remix by Skylark, a Nic Fancuilli and Andy Chatterly collaboration project, is a Deep House track that is a real sideshow to the originals, and complements it like a Lexus does a high end Toyota. Added onto the 2004 re-release of The Dream LP to coincide with the re-release of the ‘Penetrate Deeper’ mix album, it’s a track certainly for the dreamer.

Using elements from each mix of ‘The Dream’, Skylark streamline the best elements to make a smooth and dreamy rendition. At a party-starting pace hats, and tribal drums seen in a Defected Records release initiate proceedings. Elongated and harmonising chords ramp up the deepness, with a mellow but driving bassline. The French sounding chords are the lynchpin of the track, taken from Sharam’s verision of the track. By stripping out the other fillings, such as the breakbeat break downs or beat switch before the end it allows the track to breath and go in a direction perfect for a night at Pacha Ibiza, a cocktail bar at Shoreditch House or Ace Hotel. The melodic riff which sounds like a malfunctioned flute played by an AI program adds futurism to the track. A revolving melody help lift the lid a bit from the chords, primed too carry the track after the gorgeous breakdown. Along with the vocals, stuttering out an echoed ‘Dreams’, the blend of sounds makes a perfect accompaniment for a beachside drive with skyscraper views in Miami, US or Gold Coast, Australia. I can imagine this track being part of a GTA: Vice City soundtrack if Rockstar did an updated version.

Nic Fancuili’s Social Festival was founded for people passionate for the underground music, and this statement is made more valid through hearing tracks like this. It’s nostalgic New York City vibe is classy. Nic’s other tracks such as Movin’ On or Together often has a restrained focus to them. You can hear this even so early in his release career. This remix ensures that every element of the original is respected. Using the synth component however modernises the cut to become a heady dancefloor epic.

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