Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search ‎– Our Life With The Wave (Original Mix) [DEEP HOUSE]

Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search ‎– Our Life With The Wave (Original Mix) [DEEP HOUSE] Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search 's 2009 release 'Our Life With The Wave' is a glorious excursion in meticulous yet driving music.
Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search ‎– Our Life With The Wave

Russian poet Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov hits the spot when he writes ‘The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea.’ Creatively speaking, this can translate to one inspiration inspiring an infinite amount. According to VICE, Mike Huckaby’s first My Life With The Wave sample CD provided 128 AIFF samples of a synth enthusiast favourite, the Waldorf Wave. There’s even a Discogs list of releases that was made with the first edition, listing 31 EPs alone. It lists some seminal Deep House producers such as Ernie, Dubbyman, Rick Wade and Tonni Lionni to use the pack. It’s Dimi Angelis and Joreon Search’s names however that raises the most eyebrows. Being two Techno leaning producers, you wouldn’t have coupled the pair with Deep House. However, the 2009 release on Hamburg label Smallville, is a glorious excursion in meticulous yet driving music.

Little White Earbuds describes the track as being ‘music so entrancing it becomes possible to lose all sense of time, until the dawn light begins to seep through the blinds‘. Earlier collaborations between the two, like ‘Sleepless‘ though in the more Detroit end of Techno, show that this duo are adept at both the discombobulating and functional spectrums. ‘Our Life With The Wave’ though is as powerful as two planets colliding. The verbose bass is wide and punching humming along with grace. Lower acid squelches melodically sit perfectly with the sub ass rumbles. The hats hiss panoramically, hypnotically spaced out distempering a place to get lost in. Dramatically, billowing chords are then delayed and panned, to then be held down theatrically. It’s an incredible contrast between the bass and mids that deserves true applause. Continue reading

Echologist – Just A Ride (Original Mix) [DUB TECHNO]

Echologist - Just A Ride (Original Mix) [DUB TECHNO] Dropping in 2010 on his own Steadfast label Exhologist's 'Just A Ride' is as atmospheric as a Dub Techno track can come.

Echologist – Just A Ride

Fuse London’s notoriety is the result of not only its parties, but also a defined brand of Minimal and Deep House that will certainly be a catalyst for those who wanting harder but just as dubby. Though Dub Techno seems to have hit the same cannibalisation peak that Tech House had allegedly experienced in the late 1990’s (with many releases copying the Basic Channel formula), two producers still fly the flag with dazzling dexterity. Deepchord, and South African producer Brendon Moeller, also known by his Beat Pharmacy or Echologist aliases. Moeller first released under these monikers due to Francois K’s Deep Space Media and Third Ear Recordings paying good money in exchange of exclusively releasing for them. Though steering away from past associations in his latest LP ‘Storming Heaven‘, Echologist prior releases were Big Room Techno cuts distributed on Mord and Electric Deluxe. His collaboration LP with Matrixxman, ‘The Black & White‘ LP has been a go to for functional Techno for us. ‘Just A Ride’ however is a Dub Techno track made for the main stage. Dropping in 2010 on his own Steadfast label, it is as atmospheric as a track can come.

If you’ve ever come across his Beat Pharmacy cuts you’ll know Brendon loves to add more reverb than Sven Marquardt likes rejecting people at Berghain. On his impalpable remix of Appleblim & Peverlist’s ‘Over Here’, Clone notes that Moeller ‘submerges the original elements under layers of delay and echo’. We’d say that’s a mammoth understatement. From the off, flumes of compressed white noise spurt in all directions. This is a reflection of the EP cover that features a cyclone in the ocean. Horns played in a manner that elicit a manner of reflection cavort. Chugging and groovy the bassline is mixed to provide the synth with symphony. An monumental breakdown takes place mid track, preserving only the horns on display. The track than lifts off with extra warped layers of chords moving up and down their variant octaves. If you could describe a track as a sonic representation of an F1 jet flying through a distant nebular, then this would be your pick. No wonder why the trancey Techno producer Petar Dundov included it in his Resident Advisor podcast. Continue reading

Gregor Treshor – Goliath (Original Mix) [TECHNO]

Gregor Treshor - Goliath (Original Mix) [TECHNO] Photo Shoot Of The DJ

Gregor Treshor – Goliath (Original Mix)

This Gregor Tresher track and Goliath from the bible both have one thing in common – they’re frightening giants. You can see why this track EP released in 2015 on John Digweed’s Bedrock Records has a slingshot on its cover. Like David used it against Goliath, this weapon of a track when flung at a crowd is like an asteroid crashing at Earth with such force there’s no way of stopping it. Its akin to trying to stop a raging bull while being stuck in a straight jacket.

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Decadance – On And On (Fears Keep On) (Italoconnection Mix) [ITALO DISCO]

Decadance – On And On (Fears Keep On) (Italoconnection Mix)

Decadance - On And On (Fears Keep On) (Italoconnection Mix) [ITALO DISCO]

If you study the history of Chicago House scene long enough you’ll find that pioneers such Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles were densely influenced by Italo Disco. The sub genre  swayed the parties of mainland Europe throughout 1980s. A clear crossover can be heard by such and the Chicago scene explosion that followed and conquered the rest of the world.

You’ll find clear similarities, three elements in particular. A thumping kick, topline melodies and often, a resilient bassline that adds resilient drive to the track. What separates Italo from the music of Robert Owens and Larry Heard is the manner of the vocals. Chicago House masters used (at times chopped) vocals to concuct rhythm and a call for a collective dance or spiritual unity. Italo Disco songs, on the other hand, offered romanticism, in the form of emotionally-vulnerable singing. These are songs of love and heartbreak, as shown in ‘On and On’. Continue reading

Premiesku – Bucur (Original Mix) [TECH HO– USE]

Premiesku - Bucur (Original Mix) [TECH HO-- USE] Artwork

Premiesku – Bucur (Original Mix)

Want to press the foot on the gas a notch to keep the party in a locked, but wild groove? Check out Premesku’s Bucur.

Lush chugging percussion give it a jungle soirée vibe, with bongos, chopped birds give it a real forward momentum. The delayed, muddy bass gives a great platform for what’s going on, like it’s this Amazon rainforest environment with its different layers and ecosystems. Flutes which would normally be reserved for a movie like Tarzan or Indiana Jones make a welcome appearance. This completes this intrastate track giving you a feel like you’re in a world of your own.

Dominik Eulberg – Taubenblut [MINIMAL TECHNO]

Dominik Eulberg - Taubenblut Original Mix Minimal Techno Artwork

Dominik Eulberg – Taubenblut

As the hottest day of the year is here, there is only one DJ that was going to rule the airwaves today. Born and raised on the mountainous terrains of Germany’s Westerwald, Dominik Eulberg came to appreciate the aesthetics of nature from an early age. With such an upbringing, it is unsurprising that Eulberg could produce a track that is so reflective of the natural environment. ‘Taubenblut’ is his ultimate masterpiece.

Radiant, textured sounds filled with an aura that is reaching the upper levels of the celestial. Yet ‘Taubenblut’ still somehow manages to sound of the natural realms due to its use of wild soundscapes. A pulsating bassline sauntering through the constant minimal kick, represents the vigorous process of creation. The soundscapes created resonate closer to walking through a swarming wild forest more so than an abandoned factory. Just an example of how polar opposite the concept of a standard “techno track” can truly be. Continue reading

Levon Vincent – Woman Is An Angel [ACIDIC TECHNO]

Levon Vincent - Woman Is An Angel Acidic Techno Original Mix

Levon Vincent – Woman Is An Angel

Texas born, Berlin-adopted Levon Vincent has been releasing an acidic form of techno for a while now. Woman Is An Angel is the peak of his creation, coming from Novel Sound record label boss’ self-titled 2015 LP.

Following the tradition of Levon’s ability to create mesmerising, The track carries a soundscape that sounds erosive. It almost dissolves the essence of your soul. Guided by a trenchant lead synth that allures the listener into a dance intoxicated by trance. Creating a Saharian atmosphere, the song will leave you thirsting for a glass of water by the end of it all.

A track that would best fit an Afterlife artist or a Marcel Dettmann’s set, its volcanic first four minutes leave you feeling vulnerable.

This means when the strings kick in towards the closure of the song you get overwhelmed with euphoria. In terms of what imagery it conjures, that is solely left to the listener. The consistent rhythm moves along like a sapped camel powering through a scorching desert towards the realm of oasis. One thing is for sure, this track does not lack passivity. Continue reading

Featured Mix: Azimute at Unusual Suspects Sankeys Ibiza

Azimute at Unusual Suspects Sankeys Ibiza [Serialism Recordings]

Azimute at Unusual Suspects Sankeys Ibiza [Serialism Recordings]

Azimute are a formidable production and DJ duo made of London based Swiss Quenum and Brazil born Berlin based Ceasre vs Disorder. Being a huge fan of Quenum since his 2008 track, Vault Elements, I was really excited to see the blow up of Chisti Cons remix of The Secret would put Azimute productions into the minds of music seekers. As Cocoon put on their notes for their monster 2017 release The Secret EP, they’re ‘no stranger to in-the-know techno heads.’ The mix is certainly one for the heads, and seeing the hypnotic sways of the dance floor in this video it is certainly one for the dancer in mind.

Minimal minded at first, with the dope cavernous ghost like stabs at the 12minute mark leaving you feel these guys have a few bangers up their sleeves. After playing their abstract minimal track, Baltazare, the mix picks up after 20 minutes with a Luciano type tribal track, with a loop of bongos, triangles, white noise shrills and off kilt filtered vocal setting up a fun but tense vibe.

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Pigon – Promises (Original Mix) [DEEP TECH]

Pigon Promises Artwork for Deep Tech Track Original Mix

Pigon – Promises (Original Mix)

It’s 2009, and Electro House is at it’s peak in Australia. Unless it’s a Vandalism or TV Rock track, most people don’t want to know. I’m at my Central Brisbane Apartment with a few of my best mates Marcus, Hughy, Blakey, Dosa and Jojo having an afterparty, Sven Vath’s Sound of The Ninth Season is playing in the background. Few tracks in one of my best mates Marcus turns to me and goes ‘What the hell is this music? How could you listen to it?’ … a few tracks later ‘Promises’ hits and he then comments ‘Oh..that’s why’.

Promises is the perfect late night track. This Deep Tech banger produced by the formidable Dial Records mainstay Efdemin and Rndm evokes feelings hidden deep inside of the soul, explicitly connecting your thoughts and emotions. Continue reading

Deepchord – Devil Ray (Original Mix) [DUB TECH]

Art cover for Deepchord's Devil Ray

Deepchord – Devil Ray (Original Mix)

If you love Dub Techno, you love DeepChord. 2017 saw Deepchord release 2 Solo EPs, an LP and other various collaboration projects of such high quality. It makes you think ‘Can this guy actually slow down?’

Here on ‘Devil Ray’, from his Auratones LP you get to feel the full force of Deepchords alchemical touch. Combining his usual Dub Techno, Deep House and Ambient soundscapes. As described by XLR8R in their review of the album,’ Modell’s (Deepchord) great ability is crafting virtual spaces. Auratones floods the listener with blissful electronic oceans of sound, stimulating the imagination.’ The track certainly embodies that statement.

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